Might it be that simple?

There are many theories as to why people behave badly at work: theory of oppression, broken window theory, fish in water theory, organizational culture …. and the list goes on. To add to the complexities, we have personal beliefs as

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The 5 Cs of Communication in Conflict

Conflict is a part of life and it will happen and when conversations don’t go as planned, we can often feel like we are at a crossroads and unsure of what the “right” move is to put the relationship back

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I Am Your Nurse

I am your nurse   Nursing was not a career I had considered. When I was 30 and a new mom trying to figure out what I would be “when I grew up”, somehow it found me. I am so

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More Than A Game Of Cards

On April 16, 2019, Washington State Senator Maureen Walsh catapulted nursing onto an international stage after accusing nurses of probably “playing cards for a considerable amount of the day”.  The disdain in her voice and the body language is not

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Forget Stranger Danger: It’s the People You Know

Forget Stranger Danger. It’s the people you know. Don’t talk to strangers. This has been a lesson passed down to children for generations as parents try to protect them from child abductors and other with ill intentions. Most strangers do not fit into this

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What Lane Do You Drive In?

What Lane Do You Drive In? Highway drivers and their choice of lane are the topic of many heated debates across the globe and have been the root of highway violence. What is most interesting to me is the emotional

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Deadly Nursing Decisions

Deadly Decisions. Have you ever worked with someone who is incompetent or disrespectful? How about someone who purposefully decides to ignore protocol and take a dangerous shortcut, putting lives at risk for their own selfish gain? Sadly, you are not

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50 Billion Dollars

Fifty Billion Dollars is a LOT of money. Just imagine the things you could do with even a fraction of that money. The immediate things that come to mind include paying off the mortgage, setting up trust funds for the

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It’s Monday Morning …

It is Monday Morning … and you don’t want to go to work. You are not alone. It’s not that we hate Mondays per say; it is what they represent: the first day of a long week of commutes, meetings,

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New Beginnings

2018 is a year of reinvention.  I am taking my research on lateral violence and bullying in the workplace and combining it with my nursing and educator experience to new heights.  There is a significant gap in the workplace for

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