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Rare Combination

Tammy has a rare combination of healthcare experience and insider insights. Her experiences in the healthcare system have spanned industries over 20 years.  Her first exposure to healthcare began as a medical transcriptionist in the 1990s  shhh… age is only a number, right?  A  marriage and move to the East coast presented occupational challenges.  Without meaningful work, and after hearing a friends stories about nursing in the ER, Tammy enrolled and began her BN at the University of New Brunswick. After graduating in 2006, she continued her studies and specialized in critical care nursing in 2009. 

The most impactful lessons did not occur in class or at the bedside.  As a result of the relentless bullying, Tammy became a patient and while navigating the benefits and barriers of the medical model coupled with organizational practices, she was left to wonder just what is patient-centred care?  

Oh, and did we mention she is smarter than a con artist? True story!

International Nurse

As a retired military nurse of almost 10 years, Tammy has worked on multinational healthcare teams  overseas in challenging physical and emotional conditions. 

In 2010 Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake and Tammy deployed with the Canadian Forces Medical Team to set up and care for patients in the field hospital.  Working in the ICU with colleagues from across Canada required open and ongoing communication re processes and practices.  

in 2011 she deployed to Afghanistan to work on a multinational team in the ICU and ER. The physical injuries were extensive and the frequent “rocket attack” alarms were a daily reminder that she was not in Canada anymore. 

Mental Health Advocate

I am passionate about emotionally safe workspaces.  We cannot rid the world of conflict, and nor do I want to.  Conflict can be extremely healthy if done right. It is a place of discovery and exploration.  It is a time for self-examination and clarity of the real goals.  It is an incredible resource in challenging us to think outside the box and taps into our creativity and gives us permission to imagine a different world.  If we did not have conflict, our world would be stagnant and boring. 

As a survivor of workplace bullying and experiencing the challenges in both the medical and organizational practices, I know we can do better … and it is not really that hard.  

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