I Am Your Nurse

I am your nurse
Nursing was not a career I had considered. When I was 30 and a new mom trying to figure out what I would be “when I grew up”, somehow it found me. I am so thankful it did.
I have been there for the very first breath of a newborn and the last breath of a 16-year-old. I have experienced heart-wrenching sadness as a newborn enters the foster care system because drugs were too hard for mom to overcome during her pregnancy.
I have seen the darkness of depression and loneliness give way to a new light of hope after unsuccessful suicide attempts.
I have watched young women bravely take on breast cancer to secure more days in their role as a mom; and listened to them cry when their family was gone.
I have seen fear and anger and denial. I have been spat on, sworn at in the same shift as I have been thanked and hugged. I attempted to keep you alive with CPR and then attended to the patient whose tea is cold without stopping for a break.
I have cared for those intoxicated by drug or disease, those on the street, the clinic, or overseas. I have seen the bodies response to gunshot wounds and IEDs.
I have saluted the lost heroes of war and I have advocated for the enemy of war.
Over the years, I have learned sign language, French and Pastho to reduce the barriers my patients may feel. It makes for some funny conversations sometimes, but going the extra mile is always appreciated.
I have played games and cards with patients because they are more than a number and nursing is about more than a disease; I have not forgotten about you as a person even if your family has.
I have laughed with patients and put them at ease when the body’s sounds give way to unpleasant deeds.
I have grown in my comfort with our differences and have learned so much about me because I got to walk with you.
To the patient’s, their families, it has been a privilege and honor to walk with you during your time of need. To my colleagues who have mentored me and given me space to grow, I cherish your investment in my career.

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