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Gracefully Address Workplace Bullies

Welcome to a new day!  Nurses and healthcare workers all over the world are stepping up and speaking out against Workplace Bullies and writing a new mantra …. it is no longer acceptable to be “just a part of nursing”.  Awareness is the first step in change, and having the right tools to intervene at the right moment is making a difference.  



  • Learn the difference between a bad day and a bully, and why that matters
  • Rediscover Bully Behaviours and Tactics (somewhere along the line, we have become numb and blind to these)
  • Explore the new OH&S amendments around workplace hazards and harassment
  • Uncover the Impacts of Bullying to Person, Place and Patient
  • Learn Easy to Implement Strategies to Build an Emotionally Safe Workspace

The Power of Perception

When it comes to conflict we all have our own ideas as to who is wrong … and it is not me (okay, ask my husband and he would tell you otherwise).  This is the mystery and beauty of perception.  We all have the power to focus, select and organize data.  What we don’t realize is that this superpower of perception can lead us down the wrong path and headed straight for conflict!  Learn how to harness the power of your perception for good (and not evil conflict) and change how you feel about yesterday’s troubles, today’s worries and tomorrow’s challenges.  



  • Explore the very thing that makes YOU unique … and how that influences how you see and experience the world around you
  • Learn a Four Step Process to Perception and how we fall short in its full application … almost … every …single … time!
  • Implement One Relationship Saving Tool that will get you back on track and move you towards your desired resolution.
  • Experience real life case studies and the successes gained with just one simple change.

Here What Others Are Saying

Simplicity in Action

“Tammy did a fabulous job at addressing the simplicity of how to address and strategize to deal with harassment and bullying in the workplace… I think if those steps had been present to me many, many, years ago I would probably not have had had the experience that I did”

Effective Tools

I saw the presentation by Tammy on How to Gracefully address a bully. It was a great presentation and it provided me with effective tools … I feel very confident now on how to address a bully going forward in the workplace or in my personal life

Game Changer

“I was very fortunate to be able to listen to Tammy Dunnett on How to Gracefully Address a Bully.  Her presentation really helped me … I really liked the perception checking for really addressing face to face, but in a non-confrontational way with who you perceive is being bullied. It is a game changer”


“I have gained a lot of respect and certainly feel more comfortable in the tools that she identified…I feel much more empowered in being able to step in and stop the trend of eating our young.”

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