Might it be that simple?

There are many theories as to why people behave badly at work: theory of oppression, broken window theory, fish in water theory, organizational culture …. and the list goes on.

To add to the complexities, we have personal beliefs as to why a “bully” is a bully: childhood trauma, absent parents, a failing school system, lack of positive social influences, the power of lure of drugs and alcohol, the legal system, the friends who were afraid to speak up … this list also is long.

The truth is we all have the potential to “be bully-like” in our behaviors. You don’t have to look far to find an example of when the behavior was less than kind.

Ever been H-angry? Experienced Pain? Felt the weight of Exhaustion?

These feelings make it easy to snap at others, derail the best of relationships, and lead to poor decision making. Have you noticed what happens when your issue is resolved? You return to your normal kind self, capable of focusing on and completing tasks, and able to develop meaningful relationships again.

If we could find out what the “bully” is hungry for? What is causing them pain? and what situations exhaust them, then perhaps we can reduce bad behavior.

Might it be that simple?

Share your thoughts and let’s have an open discussion about how we can work upstream together to address the failing practices in the workplace.



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